About Libraries in Crisis

I created Endangered Libraries in response to an increasing number of trends threatening to deconstruct libraries as we know and love them. I want to believe we can move forward and save future libraries without sacrificing what we love about traditional ones.

I am not a librarian, but an active library advocate. All opinions and ideas expressed here are mine alone. However, I hope to engage both librarians and library fans, and provide a platform for dialogue on the following topics.

Endangered Libraries has three main areas: 1-Libraries in Crises Series:  I’m working on a serious of articles which I will publish as they are completed. Topics will include, but not be limited to the following:
§ Misconceptions about digital books, including costs
§ Bookless libraries
§ Physical vs. digital books
§ Weeding vs. extreme weeding
§ Warehousing libraries
§ How libraries are creating models for the future.

2-Libraries in the News: commentary on current library news; Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down categories

3-Everything else: Because it’s no fun to stay in crisis mode all the time, I’ll occasionally post:

  • Library Cats: Cats & books, oh yeah.
  • Library and Book Quotes
  • Image Gallery: a soothing-to-the-eye collection of libraries.

To my readers: I hate acronyms. Unless you’re a professional in whatever field the acronym was created, you’ve no idea what it refers to. I’ll never use acronyms without including their full name.

Disclaimer: all opinions and ideas expressed here are mine alone, and do not reflect nor represent the views of any employer, past or present. Endangered Libraries and its writer are not held liable for any content that is republished or used by others. Any personal information is made private and cannot be shared by third parties. No data is collected without permission except for that used for tracking with website cookies. You have the ability to turn these off on your browser at any time.


At the Portland library with grandkids

Blog Author: Rahma Krambo | Library Advocate. Writer. Author of Guardian Cats and the Lost Books of Alexandria.

My writerly blog is Mystic Coffee. I’m passionate about writing, books, cats, libraries, working for change starting with the heart and home, reading to your kids, a good cup of coffee, homemade bread and organic gardening.


2 thoughts on “About Libraries in Crisis

  1. This is wonderful, thank you! I share your passion! I just created a “LibraryLauchesYou” page as part of pursuing a Master’s in Strategic Communication. While searching for images for libraries for my page,I happened upon yours. I work at the library, have always volunteered. Yesterday, as part of a process of weeding many titles, all the old National Geographic magazines were weeded. Only digital copies will remain in the collection now. I find the extreme weeding alarming, sad, short sighted. I’m glad to know I am not alone. Thank you for your spirited work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • What a joy to meet another who shares my passion! It’s alarming to see what’s happening and I have few illusions about being able to change anything, but I must speak about it. All my research only unearths more disturbing aspects to the practice of extreme weeding. Going digital doesn’t require the destruction of physical books! It’s hard to believe librarians are so short sighted. It makes me sad.

      My husband and I are minor collectors of old books and have a National Geographic collection that goes back to 1928. Those, plus a couple of old encyclopedia sets and books from our childhood in the 50’s relates a sense of history not attainable online.

      Is your ‘LibraryLaunchesYou’ page a public page? If so, send me a link.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. I’m glad to know I’m not alone either.


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